Project Unity

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OSS is proud to announce Project Unity, a virtual mental health outreach and treatment program designed to help the Government of Canada provide access to essential mental health services on a secure, private platform.

Project Unity is the result of a partnership between OSS and Actozen, a telehealth services provider, and the Government of Canada.

Virtual Support

To provide virtual mental health support to vulnerable persons, people in remote communities, and those experiencing mental health issues related to social distancing or self-isolation as the result of Covid-19.

Secure Record Keeping

 To provide a secure platform for mental health professionals and their clients to maintain virtual mental health services and treatment programs that have been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Help when it’s needed

  Drastically reducing wait times for individualized counselling by directly connecting mental health professionals with current and prospective treatment clients in one secure, virtual location.

“With 30 MSW, SSW, SW, and CYC qualified  practitioners on the team, and more joining each day, Project Unity is able to provide counselling services across a number of practice areas, including domestic violence, addiction, generalized disorders (anxiety, depression, issues arising from sudden job loss, grief), gerontology, and children’s mental health. Project Unity is proud to offer bilingual services and counsellors specializing in indigenous services.”

Danielle Sparks MA, SSW – Project Unity Support Team Lead

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