OSS Commitment to Sustainability

OSS maintains strict adherence to the UNDP Sustainable Development directives, by using the Sustainable Development Goals as KPIs throughout the life-cycle of its operations, and seeks to ensure its subcontractors and suppliers meet the same high standards. Using sustainable development best practices, OSS ensures:

  • That products sourced by OSS are unlikely to pollute or degrade the natural environment during raw material extraction, transformation and final production, and distribution and use;
  • That products are sourced in a manner that maximizes economic and social value to the local community;
  • That every OSS supplier and subcontractor is compliant with International Labour Organization and workplace safety standards, as well as national legislation and regulations;
  • That none of our suppliers or subcontractors rely on informal economies;
  • That none of our source categories are likely to be associated with human rights abuses;
  • That our hiring, sourcing, and subcontracting practices employ a gender lens to ensure the rights and unique requirements of women in our workforce are highlighted, respected, and accommodated; and
  • That none of our team, our suppliers, or our subcontractors operates without regard to conflict sensitivity, gender sensitivity, or employs any discriminatory practices in their operations regarding religion, race, gender, or political beliefs.

OSS works to ensure compliance with these standards by the diligent application of our Quality Social and Environmental Audit process, the three pillars of which are:

  • Economic Value Maximization;
  • Social Equity; and
  • Minimized Environmental Footprint.

OSS is committed to continuing to improve and advance its sustainable development efforts and is dedicated to being an industry leader in economic, social, and environmental sustainability throughout the life cycle of our operations, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as guiding principles and policies.