Supply Chain Resiliency Evaluation

The Supply Chain Resiliency Evaluation is a hybrid qualitative and quantitative analysis of your supply chain to identify vulnerabilities and categorize your risks.

A comprehensive risk management ASSESSMENT of your supply Chain

With 15+ years of supply chain experience, OSS applies their experience and proven analysis methodologies against your supply chain and identify vulnerabilities before crisis or conflict expose them. We offer a full phased analysis which can be tailored to your specific needs.

phase 1 -Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment portion of our Supply Chain Resiliency Evaluation utilizes the Kraljic Portfolio, a ‘supplier positioning’ tool, to assess and define supplier relationships relative to their risk.

The Risk Assessment is an initial analysis which:

  • Identifies key suppliers through markers such as:
    • spend/year
    • product rarity
    • proximity and/or relationship with daily operations
  • Subjects the vendors to a gambit of assessment tools and strategies
  • Places them on a matrix with the intended output of:
    • acquisition
    • security
    • profit
    • critical
  • Defines purchasing strategy which can be adopted to reduce bloat and cost in each relationship as well as secure more vital arrangements into partnerships

With the harmonization of risk management into supply chain management, this method serves as another tool to facilitate the removal of supply chain vulnerabilities without compromising the buying power of the organization 

PHASE 2 -Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development and Monitoring

KPI Development and Monitoring is a more in depth analysis which involves:

  • Onsite Analysis and Review
  • Selection of Methodology (Six Sigma, Lean Kaizen Event, or P&L Summary)
  • Defining relevant KPIs to your organization
  • Developing monitoring program for leaders and executives
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement within all levels of the supply chain

phase 3 – SUpply Chain Vulnerability Report (SCVR)

The final phase of the Supply Chain Resiliency Evaluation is a SCVR. The size of this report will vary depending on the scope and depth of the requested analysis.

The SCVR can contain:

  • All Supplier Positioning
  • Weighted Risks with mitigations & buy-downs
  • KPI Definitions with Monitoring Instructions
  • Recommendations for future purchasing/supplier strategies

Your supply chain is the lifeline for your business – don’t wait to discover what happens when it is threatened. Secure your supply chain now with our Supply Chain Resiliency Evaluation.

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