Non-Standard Logistics


Low density deployments in semi or non-permissive environments can place tactical realities and logistical doctrine at odds with one another. OSS has designed our Non-Standard Logistics (NSL) approach to bridge that gap, putting the power of a responsive, rapidly deployable supply chain network behind you every time you step off.

Managed Supply Chain Outcomes

To make sure you’re covered, NSL includes:

  • Acquisitions
    • Military and Civilian pattern vehicles
    • Ground, sea, and air mobility
    • Materiel (Tactical & Operational Requirements)
    • Training assets and equipment of relevant to the environment
    • Ammunition
  • Ops-based Support
    • Resupply and unscheduled deliveries
    • Aerial insertion of supplies and personnel
  • Liaison and Cultural Insight
    • Interpretation/translation
    • Governmental and diplomatic liaison services
    • Land-Use Agreements
  • Shipping and Logistics
    • Discrete and sanitized shipping solutions (incl. DG & HAZMAT)
    • Secure shipping solutions in complex permissive and non-permissive environments
    • Movement of Ordnance & Ammunition
    • Secure & discrete storage and warehousing w/ fulfillment ( incl. DG & HAZMAT)
  • Secure accommodations in austere environments

Mission Specific Solutions

21st century operations deserve 21st century support. We’re redefining the standard. Connect with us today so we can get started building your NSL solution.